You want some Banana’s?

by Jon 12. October 2018 09:06
  • You want a standardised process for all teams to work to?
  • You want a standardise your skill set for your team members?
  • You appear to recruit people from similar backgrounds with similar past experiences. 

Standardisation adds risk, variety adds redundancy. The world is complex and changing, variety and options are stronger in a changing world. What outcome are you optimising, today or the future. If you want banana's for today that's cool you know what you want.. but have you considered perhaps you don't want banana's?

n.b don't get me wrong there a clear difference between standardised, standardised and standards. Respect for People in Lean (and also a nod to this in modern agile) appears to be the differentiator between them. Do you want some Banana's?


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