I have been asked to increase a teams velocity

by Jon 9. August 2016 12:52

As a servant-leader or a scrum master how would you respond if a manager, product owner said your team 'mustgo faster?

Noel Baron posted this tweet a couple of days ago.

why is it important in an 'agile company' not to push for increased velocity or speed?

A scrum friendly response might be agile teams are self-organising the scrum guide says:

  • No one (not even the Scrum Master) tells the Development Team how to turn Product Backlog into Increments of potentially releasable functionality.
  • The number of items selected from the Product Backlog for the Sprint is solely up to the Development Team. Only the Development Team can assess what it can accomplish over the upcoming Sprint.

These two statements are interesting, but they they don't explain themselves.  

Why is solely up to the development team, and why can nobody tell the Development Team how they go about progressing their work?

Efficiency is a eventual outcome of working in an Effective Team and Enjoying what you're doing as a team.  If the team start treating velocity as a target to improve on each sprint or scrum master pushes an agenda of doing more; you are compromising self organising nature of the team.  This will impact on the enjoyment and the effectiveness of as team team members start to work more individually accept technical debt and ignore the DOD.

Less enjoyment, less effective..... and less effecient over time.

Target Effectiveness and Enjoyment through working together and trying things out and see where that takes you :-)


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