Three Balanced Roles in Scrum

by Jon 14. June 2014 22:48

The Scrum Team as defined in the ScrumGuide is a balance of three roles that work with each other. These three roles work together to do all the work that a project manager would have traditionally done. The three roles balance each other out and different responsibilities ensure that the product is progressed through negotiation and agreement.

  • Self-Organising; Chooses how to accomplish ​work without being directed by others
  • Cross Functional; possesses competencies needed to accomplish the work without depending on others
  • The Whole Scrum Team works together to do all the work a project Manager would have done

Three Roles in Scrum

  • Development Team - builds the product
  • Product Owner - holds the vision of the product
  • Scrum Master - helps the team best use Scrum to build the product

The Relationships between the roles

  • Product Owner and the Development Team work "with" each other
  • Scrum Master "serves" the Development Team and Product Owner

The result is a slightly unstable balance between three roles that all have a slightly different view of the world. This balance is constantly adjusting through constant inspection of the work the scrum team performs.


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