2GB Memory Upgrade on a Acer Aspire One 1.83Ghz (533-23Dkk) from 1GB

by Jon 6. November 2010 16:55

This turned out to be trickier than I expected due to a stubborn keyboard, but upgrading my netbook to 2GB of memory has given me a pretty big performance boost so it was well worth doing.  One important point is do not touch the screws on the back of the notebook, the first step is to remove the keyboard and wont need to go anywhere near a Phillips screwdriver until you have removed the keyboard.

What you need:

  1. 2GB laptop memory chip, I used Kingston Memory 2GB PC3-8500 CL7 204 – Pin SODIMM, I got mine from aria.co.uk for £27.99 which seemed like a good/cheap price
  2. A small flat screwdriver to prise off the keyboard
  3. A small Philips screwdriver to remove the screws under the keyboard
  4. Optional - Anti Static wrist strap

The Tools you need - Anti Static wrist strap is optional

1. Open the lid and prise off the Keyboard with a flat screwdriver.  This is actually quite tricky, the keyboard has three clips which you need to press in.  When all the three clips which are coloured in red on the picture below are pressed in you can raise the edge of the keyboard past the clips.  Once you have raised the edge of the keyboard you will feel some resistance from three additional bumps that hold the keyboard in place.  The bumps are coloured in blue in the photo in below.  You need to slightly bend the keyboard on itself to force it past these three bumps.  When you have done this the keyboard will be free and will pivot around the base.

The holding clips, and bumps

2. Once you have removed the keyboard you will see 7 holding screws, remove these screws with a small Philips screwdriver.

Remove the 7 screws

3. When you have removed the screws, place the screwdriver in the small hole on the right to force the back cover off the notebook, turn the notebook over and prise the back cover off.

Push here, to push the backcover off

Prise off the back cover

4. Replace the memory with the new chip, the turn the netbook over and turn it on to confirm it is working correctly.

Swap out the 1GB chip with a 2GB chip

It boots, and shows 2GB

5. Turn the notebook off, put the back cover back on, screw in the 7 screws back in, clip the keyboard in and that’s it, sorted.  You can use the same steps if you want to swap out the HDD for a SSD.



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Karl DeLyria
Karl DeLyria United States
17/12/2010 06:44:25 #

I tried to do this with the exact same memory and the netbookj would not boot

Jon United Kingdom
17/12/2010 08:11:02 #


Sorry to hear that; mine worked for me first time, my notebook is the newer model that came out relatively recently, the 1.83ghz version, what about your notebook?  Does the old memory still work for you.  What does it say on your old memory?

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