Where is WebDeploy aka MsDeploy installed to

by Jon 30. June 2010 11:54

Microsoft has a funky tool that atomates the deployment of web appplications.  It has a GUI interface and importantly a command line interface.  It isn't obvious where it is installed to, and microsoft have a naming issue (it is called webdeploy but the exe is called msdeploy)!  The folder msdeploy/webdeploy is installed to is here, enjoy

C:\Program Files\IIS\Microsoft Web Deploy

MSDN documentation is here

A Basics Blog here, but it is a little confusing

A sample Manifest.xml

Turns out its actually quite simple to do, the docs are over complicated.  All you need to go is create a blank zip file and Create a new xmlfile called Manifest.xml inside it and a directory for content.  When I finally have it working I will put together a easy step by step blog post.  Got a few things in the pipeline at the moment.

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