Calculating IOPS per user in an Asp.net MSSQL System

by Jon 11. May 2010 09:52

I just had a customer contact me asking for read/write IOPS per user so they could correctly specify a SAN.  IOPS means I/O Operations per second, so they want to know how many disk operations occur under normal usage on a server.  

How do we find this out for a dotnet based system?  Well basic really when you think about it.  I logged into our development server and Started performance monitor and logged the background Disk Read/Write /Sec and wrote down the average values when our system wasnt being used.  I cleared the display and then started to use our web based system in anger, flipped back over to performance monitor and wrote down the new average Disk Read/Write /Sec values.  Subtracting the values I had just written down from the background usage of the server gives you the IOPS per user.

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