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by Jon 6. June 2010 22:32

DDD SouthWest 2

I trundled down to DDDSW yesterday for a fantastic day of DDD geekyness.  The DDDSW team had thoughtfully laid on a Getting Started with .Net track I thought it would be a great way for my brother in law Kevin who is currently leaning dotnet to pick up some more skills.  Although the day was fantastic, I wasn't prepared enough, I need to remember to get alot more sleep before DDD events, as a consequence combined with the heat I wasn't in right frame of mind to mingle and chat as much as usual but I did talk to a bloke from Lincolnshire called Rob.

My Favourite Design Patterns, Gary Short

Yeah that was me, I was the demonstration!  No one else wanted to put there hand up, so a very tired jon went up and got my lefts and rights confused for a second.  Gary was explaining design patterns and how design patterns are used to facilitate leaning, they are a way of teaching people how to do stuff in a repeatable way without having to know the details of how the pattern works.  It was a great session.  I now know that my singleton pattern isn't as efficient as it should be, the singletons have written in the past have a couple of locks in them but I think I can bypass it with a static readonly:

class Singleton

    public static Singleton Instance
            return Nested.instance;
    class Nested
        // Explicit static constructor to tell C# compiler
        // not to mark type as beforefieldinit
        static Nested()

        internal static readonly Singleton instance = new Singleton();

What was nice about this session was that I kept on recognising patterns in my own code without knowing some of the official names of the patterns. I am using Garys design patterns without realising it because it seemed like the best thing to do at the time.

So you want to try scrum, Nathan Gloyn

Due to the number of true geeks at dddsw 2, this turned out to be a smallish session.  The way people develop and interact and the psychology of software development interests me.  In the past Agile, scum and other modern methodologies have been sold as something that can be achieved with a specific piece of software (which the person is trying to sell to you) or sold as something that needs to be done in one go (which the person can help you with through consultancy).  I disagree with this and I was very happy to see Nathan taking the same approach.  This was a very un-technical presentation of the building blocks of scrum, and given in a way that said you can get there in little steps.  I believe people get there quicker if they take small steps rather than a big bang change.

Scrum Board

Crap Code and the Disasters it Causes, Phil Winstanley

You have seen it before, every developer has seen it.  You join a project, you pick up some old code, or perhaps your working with someone, or perhaps it is you!  The code is scary, Phil went through some of the crap code he has seen in his travels and categorised the code into separate developer personality types.  Some of the code was very scary, some of the code was familiar and I may have even written some of it!  I understand the problems faced by developers that have progressed from vb within a single company, the world is a very different place.  In the past you sometimes had to fudge things to get them to work and habits die hard.  When your this kind of developer and your working on monolith of a project that was originally ported from 20 years old VB1 code there is fear to change things due to extreme spaghetti code.  When you have really old nasty missions critical code you learn from your peers not to change it too much.  I remember fixing some really code and a random appearing 6 months later for no valid reason.  Crap code is bad, but sometimes code is beyond repair, and attempting to fix it will also causes disaster.

Ajax with JQuery, George Adamson

George Adamson wrote some of JQuery so if you want to learn about AJAX with JQuery go see George.  A Great session it was a bit of a light bulb moment to see how query works in anger, AJAX is dead long live AJAX.  Microsoft has shifted AJAX development to JQuery so you really need to start using JQuery instead.  I'm not sure where this leave some of the control libraries such as Telerik?JQuery

Clean User Interfaces with ASP.NET Webforms, Dave Sussman

MVC is ok but it is relatively new technology, WebForms is tried and tested but know to generate messy html.  However was keen to show us if you turn everything off, turn the view state off, don't run with the .NET default settings and use dotnet 4 if you can and you get nice clean html.  WebForms isn't going to go away as it works, there are lots of sites and applications out there in the wild and there are other things in the pipeline for webforms such as MVP, that will only extend its life.DDD End, oh and the sponsers

All in all I had a fantastic day at DDDSW, a real credit to the organisers and I am already looking forwards to the next event.

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